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NOTE: e-504 PRO is currently only available to schools/districts in the states of Arizona, California and Georgia.


e-504 PRO Pricing Worksheet

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Pricing Packages

e-504 PRO Pricing Packages Include:

  • Up to 50 504 students
    $195.00 base fee plus $10.95 per 504 student per year.
  • Over 51 504 students
    No setup fee plus $10.95 per 504 student.


Annual Pricing Includes:

  • Annual license to all e-504 PRO modules
    (e.g., Mtg Notice, Conference Summaries, Supporting Docs, Reporting, e-Training, etc.)
  • 504 Forms module
  • Introduction and full new staff on-line training webinars
  • All software revisions and upgrades
  • Unlimited on-line user support (for up to 3 staff persons)*
  • Access for all staff to on-line, self-paced e-Training system